It started with an earthquake.  An earthquake that lead to a tsunami.

Perhaps you remember the disaster that hit Japan in March of 2011. We all watched the news, mesmerized.  As Japan-o-philes, we knew people in Japan and were worried for them. We were especially struck by the stories of small children who’s entire families were literally washed away by the waters. Soon after we finished watching the news, we came down the stairs lugging a white garbage bag with JAPAN written on it. We had assembled a collection of games, clothes and blankets to send to the children of Japan.

Our mom was so proud of us, she took a photo and posted it on Facebook….and that was all it took.

One bag turned into 5, which turned into a trailer of donations within a week or so.  What had we gotten ourselves into!

Do you know how expensive it is to ship to Japan?  We needed a bigger plan. We decided to design and sell t-shirts to raise money for shipping, since we couldn’t find anyone to donate that. We had a great response and sold hundreds of shirts, but it still wasn’t enough and after a couple of weeks, what was headline news was now a small bullet item.  Interest waned, so did sales.  We needed to think even bigger.  So we decided to create a company that Did Good ALL the time, so no matter what was going in the world, we would be actively selling all the time and would be in a better position to make a difference.  So we took our favorite phrases and put them on high quality shirts, and the rest is history!

Wear It Forward is special.  Literally started by children with the welfare of the world’s children in mind. People who give back to others, who are generous and giving without expecting anything in return embody all of the wonderful phrases that we put on our shirts, those are the people we strive to be. We make sure that every word we put on our shirts represents not only us and the people who buy and wear our products, but the people who inspire us to do good, those who are also in need of our help. So check out our shirts especially our favorite one, “character”!

Got character?

Of course you do!

Buy a shirt today and you won’t just look good, you’ll have made a difference!